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Polis Assist

  • Animation
  • Video

Polis Assist is a revolutionary parking app. It’s the only one that shows drivers where to find free parking, and it’s geolocation technology protects drivers from illegal parking tickets. When Polis Assist needed a video ad campaign to generate buzz around their app, they asked me to produce a series of animated videos that not only showcased the product to viewers, but also made them laugh.


Polis Assist requested this video for a pitch meeting with BMW. They needed something that would demonstrate how their app could integrate with BMW’s onboard computer systems.

  • Blender
  • Adobe After Effects



A tutorial animation video showcasing the app’s many features and functions.


  • Adobe After Effects



Inspired by old Hollywood westerns, this video taps into the ire that most Angelenos have when it comes to parking in L.A.

  • Adobe After Effects



The average person in LA spends twelve minutes looking for parking.

  • Adobe After Effects